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TRG Full Game (PR)


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The Thoroughbred Racing Game is designed to give a maximum amount of realism, while emphasizing ease of play. A race can easily be run in 15 minutes, but the method of recording the moves gives a chart of the race that is as detailed as those in the Daily Racing Form. The basic rules are simple, and can be understood by anyone who has played any table top sports game.

The realism is the result of several key features. Each horse runs at his own pace: that is, he may start fast and finish slow, or vice cersa. Some horses are good at short races; others perfer the longer ones. Some horses prefer a fast track; some perfer a muddy one; others prefer the grass. Certain horses will run wall every time, while others run wall only a few timer a season. Good Jockeys can’t make a nag win, but they can keep a horse out of trouble, and they just might make the difference at the finish line. There are different track sheets for each track, since no two tracks are identical.

The base game includes:

  • Rule Book
  • Race Tracks Set
  • All-Time Great Horses Set
  • All-Time Great Horses Listing
  • Jockey Ratings

Dice and pencil are NOT included.

Additional Horse Sets and Tracks are available separately.

A list of horses/jockeys by season can be downloaded: Horses by Season

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