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Time Travel Tennis Game (PC)



Time Travel Tennis is a shot by shot computer simulation of professional tennis. With over 280 men and over 120 women individually rated and normalized available for purchase, you can match the greats of all tennis eras against each other, either in one-off exhibition matches or across a full tour of your creation.

Each player is individually rated for over 15 shot types, as well as playing style, mentality, temperament, hot and cold streaks and even performances in slams. It’s not just skill which wins a match and Time Travel Tennis replicates this. Strengths and weakness across different surfaces are also represented so you will see clay court specialists play well on clay and less well on others.

Tours are easy to create and default schedules are provided to get you up and running with a few clicks. It is very easy to amend or even create your own schedules. Once a tour is over you can roll it to a new year and then add or remove players from the tour.

The powerful auto-watch option allows you to focus on the exciting moments of a tournament and let the computer automatically play out the routine matches. The top seed winning 6-2, 6-2 is not a story but if they are break-point down in the final set you can be sure that the crowd will get excited, and you will be able to see the match from that point, either watching or stepping in to control one or both players.
You can also select players from the tour you want to manually play out, or players you just want to keep an eye on. This all makes playing a tournament as exciting as possible.

You can of course watch or play every point if you wish. A simple animation brings the points to life and you can elect to control one or both players or switch them over to AI control and watch the match unfold. Strategic options are available during a rally allowing you to be aggressive, defensive, go to the net or stay back. Players’ style is also incorporated so you will see a difference in strategy between a serve and volley specialist and a baseliner.

Prize money and ranking lists are kept as well as other common tennis stats, and a match review screen allows you to review match stats on a set by set basis, view a point by point summary and even see how individual points played out.

So sit back and enjoy the tension, drama, outbursts and champions of tennis.


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Ladies I, Ladies II, Modern Era, Open Era, Pre-Open Era, Pre-War Era