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SherCo Plus Upgrade Kit (PR)


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SherCo Plus, a variant game fifty years in the making, takes the original, Classic SherCo into the 21st Century. You can order either the complete Plus game set (which includes all of the necessary Classic parts and Plus upgrades to jump right into SherCo, including the 2017 Season), or the Plus upgrade kit (which includes only those components that are needed to use the new variant). Either way, here are the main differences between SherCo Classic and SherCo Plus, which you will soon experience on your own tabletop:

1. Base-36 dice system providing 36 results (rather than 21), and narrowing percentages from .048 to .0278 to provide greater statistical accuracy in all facets of play;

2. Fifteen expanded Batting Ratings (instead of 9) including 6 new ones (e.g., G+ to A+);

3. Expanded, Base-36 HR ratings, designed for power hitters like Ruth and Bonds;

4. Unlimited Base-36 Triple numbers so that people like Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Tim Raines, Rod Carew, et al will get true results during a season;

5. New four-asterisks “Superior Speed” (****) rating for players like Rickey Henderson, Lou Brock, Maury Wills, et al;

6. More statistically accurate strikeout and walk ratings built into both batter and pitcher ratings (batters have a BB-K range just as pitchers do);

7. New formula for rating pitchers based on opponent’s Batting Average Against (BAA) them (instead of using their ERA);

8. Ten expanded Pitcher RATES (instead of 7) including a J+, Z+, and new W-pitcher;

9. New BB/K formula for pitchers based on Batters Faced (BF) averages of MLB teams to precisely rate pitchers with excellent, average, below average, and terrible control;

10. New Wild Pitch (WP) rating for pitchers who have trouble finding the plate;

11. Hit batsmen rating now included as part of a pitcher or batter’s BB-K ranges;

12. New Caught Stealing formula resulting in an expansion to -3 and -4 Arms for catchers who are exceptionally good at throwing out runners;

13. New “Superior” DEF fielding rating for third baseman, in keeping with current Fielding Averages for that position;

14. Eight expanded Probable Hit – Probable Out Charts, each now containing 36 results instead of only 21;

15. Succinct abbreviations (with full explanation of what they mean) rather than narrative of results so that you get more results packed into the various charts;

16. Different results within results (depending on number of outs, speed of runners, pitcher or batter’s rating, and speed of runners) which adds more granularity and variation of results;

17. Realistic percentages of all hits during a typical nine-inning game to the outfield, pop-ups and grounders to infield;

18. Statistically correct proportion of balls hit to each infielder and outfielder;

19. New Special Events Charts ensuring that every result will affect the play of the game;

20. Expanded distribution of coordinates on the playing field to where a ball is hit;

21. Realistic number of doubles (e.g., ground rule, balls hit to the base of the wall, and ricochets off the wall);

22. Expanded Base-36 Count Pick-Up, Pick-Off, Steal, Bunt, and Automatic Umpire Charts;

23. Easy to use Base-36 Variant Pitching/Batting Chart;

24. Comprehensive beta testing of all the changes and additions to ensure that the new SherCo Grand Slam Baseball Game Plus Variant is as statistically accurate as possible while remaining “the most fun to play!

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