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SherCo Classic Complete Game (PR)


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2017 was the Year of the Homer; more home runs were hit, in total, across both leagues, than in any other season in history. Led by rookie phenom, Aaron Judge’s 52 circuit clouts, players called long distance 6,105 times on the season.

Judge, baseball’s largest player at 6’7″, was far and away the junior circuit’s Rookie of the Year, but it was baseball’s smallest player, 5’6″ Jose Altuve of Houston who not only won his league’s MVP, but led his Houston club to their first world’s championship, knocking off senior circuit champ Los Angeles in a thrilling, seven-game series.

LA had a star rookie of their own, the senior circuit’s Rookie of the Year, Cody Bellinger, while Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton parlayed his 59-homer season into an MVP award. On the mound, Cleveland’s Cory Kluber won the pitcher of the year award, while in the senior circuit, Washington’s Max Scherzer took home his second such award in two seasons.

Relive this power-mad season with the 2017 SherCo season set!

Each copy of the game includes:

1 Rulebook
1 Stadium Charts booklet
1 Set of Results Charts on cardstock
1 Pitching Chart
1 Injury & Hit and Run Chart
1 Set of fielder, runner, wind, defense, and fence markers
2017 Season

SherCo’s stop-action system is one-of-a-kind … no other baseball game has it. Additionally, SherCo gives you its rating formulas so you can rate any team, any league, anywhere! We think it’s the most fun to play, and the guys who lead the league in real-life will be your leaders as well.

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