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SherCo Classic Complete Game (DL)


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The Complete Version of SherCo Grand Slam Baseball is a faithful re-creation of the game as it last appeared commercially, updated to include all current major league ballpark diagrams, as well as new-look charts, composite field, and markers.

Each copy of the game includes:

1 Rulebook
1 Stadium Charts booklet
1 Set of Results Charts on cardstock
1 Pitching Chart
1 Injury & Hit and Run Chart
1 Set of fielder, runner, wind, defense, and fence markers
2018 Season

SherCo’s stop-action system is one-of-a-kind … no other baseball game has it.  Additionally, SherCo gives you its rating formulas so you can rate any team, any league, anywhere!  We think it’s the most fun to play, and the guys who lead the league in real-life will be your leaders as well.