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SherCo Classic 1975 Season (DL)


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1975 gave us an indelible moment in World Series history; the enduring image of Boston catcher, Carlton Fisk, imploring, with his arms, for his line shot down the left field line to stay fair for a game-winning home run in Game Six.

1975 also saw the end of the Oakland dynasty in the junior circuit as Boston defeated the three-time champions in the junior championship series. In the senior circuit, it was Pittsburgh again representing the East, and Cincinnati, known commonly as “The Big Red Machine” steamrolling the West, with Cincy coming out on top.

As grandiose an image of Fisk was, Game Seven went to Cincinnati as the Bostons gave away an early lead to lose the Series to the Redlegs. You can replay this amazing season on your table top with SherCo!!