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Royal Liverpool (PC)


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Royal Liverpool, (or Hoylake as it is usually known) was built in 1869, and has been the host of The Open 12 times, including Rory McIlroy’s 2 victory in 2014. It was also the host of the 2012 Ladies British Open. The past Open champions are Harold Hilton, Sandy Herd, Arnaud Massy, John Henry Taylor, Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Alf Padgham, Fred Daly, Peter Thomson, Roberto De Vincenzo, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy. Since all of them have a card in ASG, you can match them up in a Winners Only championship of your own. Bobby Jones’ victory in 1930 was part of his famous Grand Slam. In addition it was the site of the first Walker Cup.

The ASG version plays to 7,312 yards, and truly captures the links feel of the original. As with any links course, the wind will have a lot to do with high or low scoring, and the wind truly alter a tournament round if the intensity changes in the middle of the round.