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HSG – Wall 2 Wall Football (PR)



Wall 2 Wall Indoor Football is the first-ever indoor football game designed specifically to replicate the action and excitement of indoor football. Other games use the game engine for the outdoor game and adjust the ratings to replicate the impact of the indoor game. Wall 2 Wall has everything that the real-life indoor game has: returns of missed field goals, play timing that mirrors the continuous running clock, and much more.

Every team not only has its own Team Card, but also has its own Play Calling Card, which will allow you to mirror the real-life tendencies of the teams as they happened in the 2013 season. Additionally, the game was designed to fit within a small footprint, allowing you to play the game even when you don”t have a large gaming area to play on.

Wall 2 Wall is offered in full color with an 18-page rule book and 5-page example of play to help you learn how to play the game. Available as either a download or a pre-printed version.

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Weight 39 oz