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HSG – 2012 Olympic Volleyball Set (DL)


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This is the official Rally Point Volleyball set for the 2012 Olympic volleyball competition. All 24 teams, both men and women, have been rated using the same RPV formulas used for the NCAA sets, adjusted for the level of play in the Olympics. New rules for “split” Power Ratings, one for the preliminary rounds, and one for the knockout tournament, allow for Italy’s stunning upset of the United States on the men’s side, and Brazil’s run to the gold on the women’s side. Newly-designed team cards are now much easier to read; an enclosed sheet will help players make the switch to the new cards. Included in the set is the scoring system (for determining standings) as well as the complete Olympic schedule with actual results shown from the 2012 Games. This is a set sure to please volleyball fans, Olympic fans, and tabletop gaming fans.