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Hoops 1974-75 ABA Season (DL)


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Order the 74-75 ABA season of Hoops, and enjoy fast paced basketball with some of the most heralded legends to ever take the court! This was a very interesting season that will surely pose some unique replay possibilities- do the Spirits of St. Louis, with barely over 30 wins on the season, actually have a prayer against the dominant Nets, who finished 58-26? In 1974, they did! The Spirits knocked the powerful Nets out of the playoffs, paving the way for the Kentucky Colonels to win the championship. But strong teams in Denver, Indiana, and San Antonio might have something to say about that!

Within this season set, you’ll see great players such as Julius Erving and George McGinnis who shared MVP honors, along with all-time greats George Gervin, Artis Gilmore, Mack Calvin and defensive stalwart Caldwell Jones. This season also marked the rookie campaigns of Moses Malone, Marvin Barnes, Billy Knight, and Bobby Jones, all who went on to have great NBA careers.

Order your set today and start reminiscing!