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FCB – 2005 Season (PR)


The complete 30 team season set with 1210 batter and pitcher cards printed on HQ cardstock

Featuring: The White Sox from the South Side take their turn as the 6th different champion in the 6 seasons of the new millenium.  Their greatest player of the latest half century, Frank Thomas, unfortunately was injured and although he got his ring, he was unable to display his prodigious talent.  But, you can let the Big Hurt take part in the playoffs and World Series.  While his card was not as awesome as some of the others, he does display the power and patience that made him a Hall of Famer.  You’re in control, so just let him go and help the Sox win in your own replay.  It was the Astros they beat in the Fall Classic as the Houston team was again unable to deliver the World Series trophy to their faithful fans.  It would be another 12 years before they could finally do it with a brand new cast of characters.

HR: A.Jones ATL 51, Rodriguez NYY 48, Ortiz BOS 47, Lee CHC 46, Ramirez BOS 45, Teixeira TEX 43, Pujols STL 41, Konerko CHW 40, Dunn CIN 40, Sexson SEA 39

Ave: Lee CHC .335, Polanco .331, Young TEX .331, Pujols STL .330, Cabrera FLA .323, Rodriguez NYY .321, Helton COL .320, Guerrero LAA .317, Damon BOS .316, Roberts BAL .314

SB: Figgins LAA 62, Reyes NYM 60, Podsednik CHW 59, Pierre FLA 57, Crawford TBD 46, Furcal ATL 46, Rollins PHI 41, Lugo TBD 39, Freel CIN 36, Taveras HOU 34

ERA: Clemens HOU 1.87, Pettitte HOU 2.39, Willis FLA 2.63, Martinez NYM 2.82, Carpenter STL 2.83, Millwood CLE 2.86, Santana MIN 2.87, Peavy SDP 2.88, Oswalt HOU 2.94, Smoltz ATL 3.06

W: Willis FLA 22, Colon LAA 21, Carpenter STL 21, Oswalt HOU 20, Garland CHW 18, Capuano MIL 18, Lee CLE 18, Johnson NYY 17, Lieber PHI 17, Pettitte HOU 17

K: Santana MIN 238, Peavy SDP 216, Carpenter STL 213, Johnson NYY 211, Davis MIL 208, Myers PHI 208, Martinez NYM 208, Zambrano CHC 202, Lackey LAA 199, Burnett FLA 198

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Fall Classic Baseball 2005 Print Season

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