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FCB – 2003 Season (PR)


The complete 30 team season set with 1233 batter and pitcher cards printed on HQ cardstock

Featuring: Who are these Marlins from Florida? Out of nowhere in 1997. They disappear. Back in business in 2003. Soon to disappear again. You’d think it was Loch Ness. One thing happened when they disbanded. They formed the cornerstone of the next great Tigers teams culminating in 2006 with an AL pennant as Pudge and Miggy moved on in the house cleaning right after the season. The most intense race was the NL Central with the Cubs and Astros going down to the last weekend for the final playoff spot. The Cubbies moved on but missed the promised land in an exciting 7 game series loss to the Marlins in the NLCS. That was the Series that propelled the 21 year old Miguel Cabrera to the national spotlight with a 3 run homer in Game 7 off Kerry Wood to help the Fish win. And then they beat the Yankees to win it all.

Ave: Pujols STL .359, Helton COL .358, Bonds SFG .341, Renteria STL .330, Sheffield ATL .330, Mueller BOS .326, Kendall PIT .325, Ramirez BOS .325, Jeter NYY .324, Lopez ATL .328

HR: Rodriguez TEX 47, Thome PHI 47, Bonds SFG 45, Sexson MIL 45, Pujols STL 43, Lopez ATL 43, Delgado TOR 42, Thomas CHW 42, Giambi NYY 41, Sosa CHC 40

SB: Pierre FLA 65, Crawford TBD 55, Sanchez 2TM 52, Podsednik MIL 43, Beltran KCR 41, Roberts LAD 40, Soriano NYY 35, Renteria STL 34, Suzuki SEA 34, Lofton 2TM 30, Damon BOS 30

ERA: P.Martinez BOS 2.22, Schmidt SFG 2.34, Brown LAD 2.39, Prior CHC 2.43, Hudson OAK 2.70, Webb ARI 2.84, Loaiza CHW 2.90, Schilling ARI 2.95, Nomo LAD 3.09, Zambrano CHC 3.11

W: Halladay TOR 22, Loaiza CHW 21, Moyer SEA 21, Ortiz ATL 21, Pettitte NYY 21, Prior CHC 18, Williams STL 18, Mussina NYY, Schmidt SFG, Clemens NYY, Ponson, Lowe BOS 17

K: Wood CHC 266, Prior CHC 245, Vazquez MON 241, Schmidt SFG 208, Loaiza CHW 207, Martinez BOS 206, Halladay TOR 204, Mussina NYY 195, Schilling ARI 194, Clemens NYY 190

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Fall Classic Baseball 2003 Print Season

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