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FCB – 2002 Season (PR)


The complete 30 team season set with 1226 batter and pitcher cards printed on HQ cardstock

Featuring: Who said Money Ball didn’t work? Billy Bean’s Athletics won 103 games to tie the Yankees for the most wins in the AL. What was the difference in payroll you might ask? Try $85,000,000 and that’s BEFORE A-Rod joined NY. Both clubs were unceremoniously dumped in the ALDS. It was Gene Autry’s Angels who prevailed to win it all even though he himself was now an angel. The Angels beat Barry’s Giants in the Series. Bonds has 2 cards in this set, one with his IBB built in per normal and one without the IBB so you can IBB him all you want. The card changes dramatically without the extra walks built in and show the true fearsomeness he instilled in the brains of the opposition. It was the 2nd of 4 straight MVP’s at the tail end of his career, adding to the 3 he won when he was much younger … and much different.

Ave: Bonds SFG .370, Ramirez BOS .349, Sweeney KCR .340, Walker COL .338, Guerrero MON .336, Williams NYY .333, Helton COL .329, Jones ATL .327, Suzuki SEA .321, Ordonez CHW .320

HR: Rodriguez TEX 57, Thome CLE 52, Sosa CHC 49, Bonds SFG 46, Palmeiro TEX 43, Berkman HOU 42, Green LAD 42, Giambi NYY 41, Soriano NYY 39, Guerrero MON 39

SB: Castillo FLA 48, Pierre COL 47, Roberts LAD 45, Soriano NYY 41, Guerrero MON 40, Sanchez MIL 37, Beltran KCR 35, Jeter NYY 32, Boone CIN 32

ERA: Martinez BOS 2.26, Johnson ARI 2.32, Lowe BOS 2.58, Maddux ATL 2.62, Zito OAK 2.75, Wakefield BOS 2.81, Colon 2TM 2.93, Halladay TOR 2.93, Glavine ATL 2.96, Hudson OAK 2.98

W: Johnson ARI 24, Schilling ARI 23, Zito OAK 23, Lowe BOS 21, Colon 2TM 20, Martinez BOS 20, Halladay TOR 19, Mulder OAK 19, Oswalt HOU 19, Buehrle CHW 19, Wells NYY 19

K: Johnson ARI 334, Schilling ARI 316, Martinez BOS 239, Wood CHC 217, Clement CHC 215, Oswalt HOU 208, Burnett FLA 203, Schmidt SFG 196, Nomo LAD 193, Clemens NYY 192

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Fall Classic Baseball 2002 Print Season

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