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FCB – 2001 Season (PR)


The complete 30 team season set with 1050 batter and pitcher cards printed on HQ cardstock

Featuring: Barry Bonds assault at age 36 of the single season homerun record, and ending with 73. It was the most incredible display of power and patience since the Babe in the 1920’s. It was actually the only time Bonds hit more than 50, but finishing with 107 extra base hits and 49 singles is quite the stat line. It was the first of 4 straight MVP awards that took him through to age 39. He is the greatest “old” player in the games history. Maybe it was the Kool-Aid, but even so, the numbers are staggering. Meanwhile, his team did not make the playoffs. Instead the Arizona Diamondbacks won the West and went on to face and defeat the Yankees in 7 game World Series. The D’backs were led by Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling, both 20 game winners. The Big Unit struck out 372 batters in just 249 innings, a rate of over 13 per 9 IP. OMG. In the AL Seattle won an MLB record 116 games only to lose to the Yankees in the ALCS. Roger Clemens went 20-3 for NYY to lead the charge. The Mariners had the most unheralded lineup of all time for a team that holds the all time wins record. Batting champ Ichiro, Edgar, Moyer, Boone … And there’s the Moneyball A’s winning 102 games, the most successful season based on payroll of all time.

Ave: Walker • COL .350, Suzuki • SEA .350, Giambi • OAK .342, Alomar • CLE .336, Helton COL .336, Alou HOU .331, Berkman HOU .331, Boone SEA .331, Catalanotto TEX .330, Jones ATL .330

HR: Bonds SFG 73, Sosa CHC 64, Gonzalez ARI 57, Rodriguez TEX 52, Thome CLE 49, Green LAD 49, Helton COL 49, Palmeiro TEX 47, Sexson MIL 45, Nevin SDP 41, Glaus ANA 41, Ramirez BOS 41

SB: Suzuki SEA 56, Cedeno DET 55, Rollins PHI 46, Pierre COL 46, Soriano NYY 43, McLemore SEA 39, Knoblauch NYY 38, Guerrero MON 37, Abreu PHI 36, Cameron SEA 34

ERA: Johnson ARI 2.49, Schilling ARI 2.98, Burkett ATL 3.04, Maddux ATL 3.05, Garcia SEA 3.05, Kile STL 3.09, Mussina NYY 3.15, Mays MIN 3.16, Morris STL 3.16, Ortiz SFG 3.29

W: Morris STL 22, Schilling ARI 22, Johnson ARI 21, Mulder OAK 21, Lieber CHC 20, Moyer SEA 20, Clemens NYY 20, Garcia SEA 18, Hudson OAK 18

K: Johnson ARI 372, Schilling ARI 293, Nomo BOS 220, Park LAD 218, Wood CHC 217, Mussina NYY 214, Clemens NYY 213, Vazquez MON 208, Zito OAK 205, Colon CLE 201

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Fall Classic Baseball 2001 Print Season

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