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Chambers Bay (PC)


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Work on the Chambers Bay site began in 2004, with the course opening in 2007. When it was awarded the 2015 U.S. Open 7 months later, it became the newest course to ever hold the honor of hosting the event. Love it or hate it, Chambers Bay has become the most talked about U. S. Open course in history. We’ve tried very hard to match the experience of playing this course. The ASG version features the multiple pars on holes 1 and 18, the two different tees, one slightly uphill, one a 100 foot drop, and from different directions on hole 9. We also have the drivable par four 16th, and several holes which play from different distances on different days. We’ve captured the slopes and speed of the greens and fairways to give your golfers as many fits as the real ones experienced.

Chambers Bay comes with four different course profiles, which will allow you to play the exact Open setups each day to truly test your nerves. It also comes with a main course that plays to a full 7,804 yards. Its a lot of fun either way. And its available now. You’ll also receive a PDF file that will describe the key features of the course.