Excel Spreadsheet Helper files are now available for all seasons. The cost for these files is $5.00 for each season.

These files emulate playing the game with cards, but instead all the action is read off of your computer screen using the software program Microsoft Excel for Windows (Mac version works too with F9 key). This program does not keep stats. It’s simply a way to play without paper cards or dice or charts.

You can purchase a season with or without Helper Files. However, the Helper Files cannot be purchased separately. You must own the season. If you wish to add a Helper File to a season you already own, you can order it at Excel Helper File.

Please download this Excel Helper Auxiliary file if you intend to use the Helper Files as this file is needed to use the Helper Files – it is free. Be sure to read the ReadMe.txt file, and a working knowledge of Excel is required to use these files. Please be sure we can verify that you own the season before purchasing.

Be aware that the print prices are for CARDS only. While you can download FREE FALL CLASSIC BASEBALL GENERIC HITTING CARDS AND CHARTS AND RULES, the printed rules are an item found directly below this for $14.97.

Also be aware that there are no dice included. A pair of different colored D6’s and a D20 are needed to play.