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Hoops-CB2K Basketball Games


Hoops PictureHoops is a card and dice possession-by-possession replay basketball game using actual professional player statistical data as its basis. You’ll find just about anything you see in an NBA game occur on your tabletop…clutch players making great plays in the final seconds, big men disrupting shots, lockdown defenders creating havoc on the defensive end, and great athletes generating points on the fastbreak.

This game is the product of nearly a dozen years of research and play testing. We originally designed the game for our own personal use, and despite sales, the primary purpose of the game remains the same – we love to play it!

We think that you will find the game provides an innovative approach to some of the proven and historically successful basketball replay game engines. The goal for this game was to create a relatively simple game engine, which on the other hand, accounts for the complexity of professional basketball. We think that the game may fit the style of many gamers; if you enjoy replaying actual schedules and generating accurate statistics, the basic version may be for you. For the gamers who wish to engage in coaching decisions and generate a more lifelike feel to the game while still producing believable statistics, the advanced options will allow you to implement press defenses, play safe, crash the boards, and many other coaching strategies. So whatever your style, we think Hoops will create hours of fun and a satisfying gaming experience.


CB2K LogoCB2K College Basketball 2000 The crowd is going crazy. The home team calls a timeout, down 71-70. Players from both teams head to the benches as the coaches contemplate the instructions to be given to their players. The players begin to discuss what just happened and what will happen after the timeout. The crowd eagerly anticipates the end of the timeout to resume the final 0:05 of play. They just witnessed the visitors sink a baseline jump shot to take the one point lead, followed by a quick inbound and dribble to half court by the home team. The players return from the timeout and the ball is inbounded to the point guard at the top of the key after coming off two screens. The point guard drives and…hits the game winning jumper from the foul line…has the ball stolen to end the game…is fouled on the shot for two free throws…sends a nice dish to the center for a game winning dunk…???

Welcome to CB2K, where you can see the game unfold from beginning to end. Play teams from recent seasons or battle some of the great Final Four teams of seasons past. All you need is a gamesheet, two 6-sided dice, pen, action deck, and two teams, and you are ready for hours of non-stop basketball excitement. CB2K is a realistic college basketball replay game that is simple and fun to play. Available in download form. To see how CB2K is played download CB2K Instructions or Shop Now