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ASG Golf Game

ASG Golf is a statistically accurate simulation of Golf, enabling the gamer to use past and present men and ladies professional golfers on graphic representations of top flight golf courses. The board version uses dice to activate result numbers on the golfers’ cards. These result numbers correspond to shot results for each club in the golfers’ bag. Each golfer’s card accurately represents his ability in various aspects of the game of golf. Length and accuracy off the tee, and approach shots will reflect each golfer’s ability in any given area. Long hitters in real life are long hitters in ASG; and accurate putters will perform as you would expect them. Golfer’s ability in sand traps is also taken into account when creating the golfer card.

Each hole of every course featured in the game is drawn to scale and is depicted on a cull color layout with grids laid out in five yard increments to allow for placement of the ball. The courses also account for other specific characteristics of the holes, such as uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies. The speed and difficulty of the greens will also vary from hole to hole. Some traps will be harder to get close to the pin than others.

The combination of the individual golfer cards, the charts representing the golf clubs, and the courses themselves will make for a very accurate simulation of a round of golf.

Now, playing each shot of an entire round can take a considerable amount of time, and thus makes it difficult accomplish an entire tournament with a decent number of golfers. So, ASG has developed a Quick Play feature which will render accurate results while requiring only one roll of the dice per hole. This enables rounds and even tournaments to be played in a very reasonable amount of time.

ASG PC Golf is a very close translation of the board game to the PC. It plays faster than the board version and keeps the scores and stats for all golfers and all rounds. It also maintains stats for all the golfers on tour. Oh, yes, it allows you to create your own tour and tournaments, even keeps track of tour money leaders, etc.

Because of the accuracy of the PC platform, we have been able to remove the gridlines of the board version. We also are able to plot the ball in 1 yard increments instead of 5. We urge you to download our demo and take it for a test drive. Its fully functional, and will show you all the features of this unique game.

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