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Major league pitchers will pitch just like they do in real life.  Each individual pitching card is calculated to match the player’s stats for that season in all of the major pitching stats … hits allowed, walks allowed, home runs allowed, and strikeouts.  So, if your star struck out 300 batters that year, the card will produce the same given an even distribution of dice rolls.  Also, pitchers are rated for endurance and wild pitches.  Even those pitchers with minimal hits and walks allowed can perform to their true abilities in an easy to play format.

Grab your team and set the starting line up, bench, and bullpen.  You’re the manager making the calls and guiding your team to victory.

Fall Classic Baseball brings all of the thrills of managing a big league baseball team to your kitchen table.  Call the hit and run, steal a base, is it time to pull the pitcher?  All of these decisions are yours to make as you guide your roster towards a pennant.  Play today’s stars against Hall of Fame greats in what-if match ups.  You’re in control, so enjoy the show and see if your team can go home with a victory in the Fall Classic.


​Here is a batter card (Williams) and a pitcher card (Larsen) to illustrate how easy the game is played.

Don LarsenTed WilliamsRoll a pair of dice, one red and one white and read them as a two digit number.  For example, if you roll a red 1 and a white 6 you have rolled 16.  Look at the batter card and you see that Williams has 16WALK . . .  a walk.

He comes up against Larsen a second time and rolls 35. Williams has a blank in that spot so you refer to Larsen’s card.

If Larsen has his good stuff that day you refer to column A at dice roll 35 and he gets Williams OUT.  He’s on his ‘A’ game.

If column B it’s a SINGLE if a D20 roll is 1-12.  13-20 is an out.

If column C is used, it’s a SINGLE (no D20 roll is needed).

Before a pitcher takes the mound for that game you determine if he uses:  column A (good stuff) … column B (average) … column C (below average)

Williams comes up a third time and the dice roll is 55.

Roll a D20 from 1-7 and it’s a HOMERUN, 8 is a TRIPLE,

and 9-20 (the remainder) is a DOUBLE.


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