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Classic Soccer

Classic Soccer is a computer simulation of professional soccer. It is based on the board game of the same name and playing options allow you to recreate a table top experience if you so wish. Alternatively you can just watch the action unfold in front of you and make tactical and strategic decisions for both teams or against an AI opponent.

Teams have overall ratings which impact performance, goal scoring and defense, but each player is also individually rated for passing, dribbling, goal scoring, defense, work rate and set pieces. Some players also have additional special ratings. Goalkeepers are rated for overall ability as well as shot stopping and penalty saving.

The gameplay itself is influenced by the team and player ratings along with the selected formation and also visits to the X-Charts which can produce a variety of special results. Each team also has individual X-Chart results which reflect the ability and style of the team and its players.

There are several tactical options available. You can elect to push forward or sit back, press, favour wing play and even favour a specific wing. You can also man mark an opposition player.

You also have decisions to make in over half the plays for the player in possession. He can run, pass, shoot, play to the wings etc. Other decisions crop up during the game allowing you to challenge for the ball, play the offside trap, attempt to tackle from behind etc.

Full stats for each team and player are kept and these can be viewed in a variety of ways. There is also a highlights screen and an analysis screen which has a myriad of game stats. Each game has a match report available with full stats and a detailed play by play screen.

You can create leagues of up to 32 teams, tournaments with up to 32 teams and knockout cup competitions of up to 64 teams. Many options are available to allow you to tailor your competition. There is also a friendly option where you can play teams against each other in a one off match.

Teams are rated for league play and club play. In league play the team will perform as they did in their league. In club play, teams will perform at a level relative to all other rated teams. So it is simple and realistic to play teams from different leagues and eras against each other.

When playing a competition, there are a number of ways to actually play. You can play each game out manually, auto play to a specific point in the game or auto-watch a match where the AI controls both teams and you have no input at all. You can also auto play a week at a time or the full season.

However the most immersive way to play is using the telecast option. This allows you to simultaneously play a day’s worth of matches. You can decide which game to play and get updates from the others. You can switch to any other game at any point and play/watch it.

Teams that come with the game:
1971/72 Leeds, 1980/81 Ipswich Town, 1981/82 Tottenham Hotspur, 1987/88 Oxford United, 1987/88 Wimbledon, 1992/93 QPR, 1993/94 Swindon Town, 1994/95 Blackburn Rovers, 1999/00 Arsenal, 1999/00 Newcastle United, 2007/08 Manchester United, 2009/10 Birmingham City, 2011/12 Manchester City, 2013/14 Liverpool, 2014/15 Crystal Palace,  2015/16 Leicester City

Team Summary
“Aguero leads the line as City need a point to clinch the title”

Player Screen
“Dele Alli, 33 games 8 goals, 3 assists”

Team Ratings
“Brighton, first season back may depend on Gross and Murray”

Telecast Update
“Did we go to the wrong match?”

“Decisions, decisions”

You're the chairman
“You’re the chairman”

“How did Huddersfield do that?”