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BigBep Hockey

BigBep GraphicBigBep Hockey brings the speed and excitement of hockey to your gaming table. This is not a quick play game but a full representation of the game of hockey.

The game system is driven by two decks of cards. These are the FAST ACTION CARDS and FAST RESULTS CARDS that interact with individual player cards and allow you to visualize the flow of the game.


Goaltenders are rated for skills like HOME/AWAY play as well as handling REBOUNDS, CLUTCH play and PENALTIES.

The game moves along quickly and provides accurate stats. Most results come directly off the player cards or the ACTION/RESULTS decks with minimal outside chart look ups.

The game is available as a PDF download, or in printed form with the cards individually cut and the set shrink-wrapped.

Here is a sample player card from the PDF version. Cut lines are provided for you to cut the cards.

BigBep Sample Player Cards

You can download the rules here to see how to play the game. Shop Now

World Hockey Association

World Hockey Association Logo
BigBep is releasing seven seasons of the World Hockey Association, which operated from 1971 to 1979. From Wikipedia:
The World Hockey Association was a professional ice hockey major league that operated in North America from 1972 to 1979. It was the first major league to compete with the National Hockey League (NHL) since the collapse of the Western Hockey League (1952–74). Although the WHA was not the first league since that time to attempt to challenge the NHL’s supremacy, it was by far the most successful in the modern era. To read more, click here.

You can download the rules here to see how to play the game. Shop Now