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ASG Golf Version 3 Splash


The procedure is to download the Demo Version which is fully functional with restrictions. A new download will not be required if you proceed to purchase the game. Please evaluate the program prior to purchase. This will ensure that the program will run on your system and meets your expectations.The program will run in demo mode for an unlimited period. Since the Game is available in Demo mode, it cannot be returned or refunded once purchased. Please read the ASG PC Golf Game Purchase Policy before purchasing.

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The ASG Full Game consists of the downloadable game, one course, and one card set of your choice. Also included at no extra charge are a number of Quick Play Courses.

Version 3 Features:

Course Creation

  • Allows you to create a custom course from any of the SBS course holes you have purchased.

Golfer Creation

  • Allows you to create a custom golfer by defining 5 areas of ability

Tour Records

  • 20+ individual records as well as course and individual hole rankings
  • Automatically imports Tours from Version 2 and converts them to Version 3

Overall Records

  • Create custom records by selecting multiple tours


  • New sortable statistics screen with minimum round filter/li>


  • Ability to display hole graphics during play. You can tag the pictures for display on the tee, for an approach and on the green.


  • Green speeds separate from course conditions. Draws will now roll more than Fades. Handedness of golfers is now included
  • Improved tree rules to make for a more realistic challenge. Includes a new punch shot as well as a graphical display of the potential to hit a tree with your selected shot. Also allow for a ricochet from the trees
  • Controlled drive allows you to avoid a long drive result
  • Realistic ball rolling, with many greens accurately mapped for slopes
  • Dynamic putting charts. The slopes on the greens now dictate the putting chart used
  • Predict and suggest wedge aiming lines. See where your wedge shot is predicted to finish taking into account the green slopes
  • Option to hide board game dice and player cards
  • Optional dynamic weather – weather changes during round
  • Improved and quicker AI opponent
  • Option to set AI shots to play automatically and also an automatic hole conceding option
  • Course and Hole Information
  • Information on the course itself as well as the current conditions and local rules are now displayed on a separate screen. Each hole is also described on screen.

Version 3 Courses

  • We are in the process of updating every course to include new graphics and full green slopes. These will be available as free updates for customers who have purchased the course in V2 format.Courses which have not yet been updated will still be fully playable in V3.