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MFT Tour — Midwestern Match Play Championship at Muirfield Village — Bracket Rounds of 32


The final stop on the Midwestern swing of the Tour was near Columbus, Ohio at the Muirfield Village course, designed by Jack Nicklaus. It is not as demanding as the three previous venues, but should be a good stage for the individual battles of match play competition.  The top 128 money winners so far on the MFT were invited to the event and seeded into four 32 player brackets by their spot on the money list. Here are the 4 rounds of 32 match ups in each bracket.

Red Bracket

Bernhard Langer v Don Pooley 1 UP

Bob Charles v Dave Ragan 3 & 2

Bernard Hunt v Mike Reid 3 & 2

Lanny Wadkins v Payne Stewart 4 & 3

George Burns v Larry Mize 1 UP

Al Geiberger v Tommy Bolt 5 & 3

Rik Massengale v Lionel Hebert 3 & 1

Phil Rodgers v Bill Kratzert 1 UP

Chip Beck v Doug Tewell 2 UP

Al Balding v Lee Trevino 2 & 1

Seve Ballesteros v J.C. Snead (19 Holes) 1 UP

Graham Marsh v Jodie Mudd  2 UP

Tommy Nakajima v Jerry Pate (20 Holes) 1 UP

Gary Koch v Dick Mayer 4 & 3

John Schlee v Ben Crenshaw  5 & 4

Highlights:  Through the first set of Rounds of 32, there have been a few upsets: In the Red Bracket  Seve Ballesteros blew a three hole lead going into the back nine and lost in 19 holes to J.C. Snead. Gary Koch also easily took out Dick Mayer 4 & 3 in round one. Some top seeds also barely escaped elimination including the tournament’s top seed, Berhard Langer who clipped Don Pooley 1 Up.  Lee Trevino was trailing midway through the back nine when he made a move and eliminated Al Balding 2 & 1. Impressive rounds were carded by Tommy Bolt, Lanny Watkins and Ben Crenshaw.  Tommy Bolt thrashed Al Geiberger 5 & 3 even with a triple bogey and missing a 1 foot tap in which cost him a hole.  Lanny Watkins ripped through the first half of the front side, making birdie on four of the first five holes in handling Payne Stewart. Ben Crenshaw, who hasn’t made much noise on the tour so far, strung together four straight holes and easily beat John Schlee. The most painful match was Tommy Nakajima’s loss to Jerry Pate in two extra holes.  Nakajima collapse on the back nine after leading by four holes on the front side. Of the seven international enerants, only two survived, Bernhard Langer and Bob Charles, and they are matched against each other in round two.

The Blue Bracket

Jay Hebert v Paul Harney 6 & 5

Bob Gilder v Johnny Pott  1UP

Bruce Lietzke v Jerry Heard 3 & 2

Craig Stadler v Roberto de Vicenzo 2 UP

Peter Thompson v Hal Sutton 2 UP

Peter Jacobsen v Bill Rogers 1 UP

Curtis Strage v Tim Simpson 3 & 2

Doug Sanders v Mark Hayes 3 & 2

Johnny Miller v Mason Rudolph 3 & 2

Hale Irwin v Wayne Levi 2 & 1

Dave Marr v David Frost 6 & 4

Jerry McGee v Homero Blancas 3 & 2

Gil Morgan v Charlie Sifford 4 & 3

George Archer v Hubie Green (21 Holes) 1 UP

Jim Jamieson v Tony Jacklin 3 & 2

Fuzzy Zoeller v Jim Colbert 6 & 5

Highlights:  In the Blue bracket, the biggest surprise was Johnny Miller’s loss 3 & 2 to Mason Rudolph, who had a brilliant round to take Miller out quite easily. In a similar vein, Jim Jameson played a nearly flawless round to eliminate Tony Jacklin 3 & 2. Somewhat surprising was Hal Sutton’s 2 Up win over Peter Thompson and George Archer’s 21 hole win over Hubie Green.  Hale Irwin had a close call, trailing Wayne Levi for most of the round.  Like Trevino, he rebounded late in the match to win 2 & 1.  Jay Hebert continues to paly suppurb golf, easily defeating Paul Harney who played shabby golf for the whole round, 6 & 5.  Similarly Dave Marr easily handed David Frost. Marr had a good round but Frost was all over the course and Marr finished him off easily. The other stand out performance was put in by Fuzzy Zoeller, who it seemed didn’t miss a putt, in his stomping of Jim Colbert 6 & 5.  The heartbreaking loss in the Blue bracket was Johnny Pott’s loss to Bob Gilder in two play off holes.  Pott had up to a four hole lead which collapsed as Gilder played good golf down the stretch and into the play off.  Only one of three international golfers in the Blue bracket survived, that being Roberto deVicenzo.

Yellow Bracket

John Mahaffey v Denis Watson 1 UP

Ted Kroll v Jack Burke, Jr.  3 & 1

Gay Brewer v Bob Murphy 2 UP

Dave Stockton v  Dan Sikes  2 & 1

Roger Maltbie v Dave Hill  (22 Holes) 1 UP

D.A. Weibring v Tom Weiskopf  4 & 3

Ken Venturi v Charles Coody (21 Holes) 1 UP

Tony Lema v Joey Sindelar  3 & 2

Jack Renner v Chi Chi Rodriguez 1 UP

Bobby Nichols v Jay Haas  2 & 1

Jack Nicklaus v Andy North  5 & 3

Dick Lotz v Buddy Allin (20 Holes) 1 UP

George Knudson v Andy Bean  4 & 3

Ray Floyd v Miller Barber  3 & 2

Sandy Lyle v Ed Sneed  4 & 3

Bruce Crampton v Billy Maxwell 1 UP

Highlights: John Mahaffey, the top seed in the Yellow Bracket, slipped by Denis Watson in a nip and tuck affair. The golfers were all square heading into the 17th when Watson bogeyed to go down a stroke. Mahaffey scrambled for par in the 18th, draining a 5′ putt to hold onto the win.  Ted Kroll got up four holes, then Burke came back, winning the 9th, 10th and 12th holes to cut his deficit to one hole.  But Kroll birdied the 14th and won the match on the 17th when Burke’s short game collapsed and he double bogeyed the hole. Gay Brewer held off a tenacious Bob Murphy who came coming back at Brewer 2 UP.  Dan Sikes birdied four of the six holes played on the back nine to pull away from and defeat Dave Stockton 2 UP. Roger Maltbie bogeyed the last two holes to finish the match all square with Dave Hill. It took four holes, but Maltbie salvaged a win hen hill failed to get up and down and made bogey.  Tom Weiskopf dominated D.A. Weibring, closing the match after 15 holes. Ken Venturi hooked his drive on the 17th into the woods and took bogey to loose his one stroke lead over Charles Coody.  who won on the third extra hole when he stuck a wedge three feet from the pin for birdie. Tony Lema easily handled a struggling Joey Sindelar, putting him away on the 16th for the win.  Chi Chi Rodriguez birdied the 17th to make the match all square, only to loose to Jack Renner due to a bogey on the 18th.  Both golfers struggled on the back nine, but Jay Haas managed to hold off Bobby Nichols for the win 2 & 1.  Jack Nicklaus was bounced in the first round on his home course by Andy North.  Nicklaus went out in 38, but managed to stay all square heading into the back nine. After halving the 10th, North rung up five straight holes to embarrass the Golden Bear with a major 5 & 3 loss. Dick Lotz rallied from two down to force the match against Bubby Allin into extra holes. Allin bogeyed the second extra hole and Lotz completed his victory. Andy Bean won three holes in a row in the middle of the back nine, including an eagle on the 15th to notch a 4 & 3 win over George Knudson. Ray Floyd trailing by a hole heading into the back nine, throttled Miller Barber coming home and closed him out on the 16th for the win. Sandy Lyle got four up on a struggling Ed Sneed. But the Scotsman couldn’t put him away until deep into the back nine, winning 4 & 3.  Bruce Crampton struggled to keep up with a hot Billy Maxwell and was down by two holes at the turn. The Aussie played better on the back nine, but Maxwell held him off to win 1 up.

White Bracket

Dow Finsterwald v Isao Aoki  1 UP

Tommy Jacobs v Kel Nagle 3 & 2

Billy Casper v Bobby Mitchell 1 UP

Don January v Bert Yancey 1 UP

Harold Henning v Larry Nelson 5 & 4

Charles Coe v Mike Souchek 3 & 2

Tom Watson v Leonard Thompson  3 & 1

Julius Boros v Scott Simpson  3 & 1

Lon Hinkle v Peter Oosterhuis 4 & 2

Frank Beard v Lou Graham 5 & 3

George Bayer v David Graham 5 & 3

Arnold Palmer v Bob Goalby  2 & 1

Gary Player v Calvin Peete  1 UP

Doug Ford v Gene Littler 4 & 2

Art Wall, Jr. v Larry Hinson  3 & 2

Tommy Aaron v Lee Elder 3 & 2

Highlights: Dow Finsterwald held off an Aoki rally from three back to win 1 UP.  Julius Boros was up two holes over Scott Simpson at the turn, but Simpson rallied to make the match all square. Boros birdied the 14th and 15th to go back up by two and won on the 17th when Simpson couldn’t get up and down from a bunker and made bogey. The Aussie, David Graham, got three up on George Bayer and finished him off early 5 & 3. Billy Casper looked to finish Boby Mitchell off early after being up four holes at the turn.  But Mitchell fought back to only trail by a hole.  Casper held on staving off the first round upset by winning 1 UP.  Kel Nagle was up by two over Tommy Jacobs at the turn, but slipped back a stroke to lead by one, before Jacobs bogeyed the 15th and 16th to lose 3 & 2.  In a “Tin Cup” moment, Tom Watson dumped four shots into the pond on the 3rd hole to take an 11.  Despite shooting 47 on the front side, he was only down two holes to Leonard Thompson. But the big guy finished off the upset when Watson lost three holes on the back nine with a double bogey and two bogeys for a 3 & 1 loss. Like Nicklaus and Player, Watson has gotten off to a rough start on the Tour. Charles Coe shot 33 on the front for a four hole lead over Mike Souchek. The power hitter rallied to reclaim two holes, but Coe finished him off on the 16th to win 3 & 2. In a dogfight that featured five lead changes, Don January won the match on the 18th hole with a par when Yancey’s short game imploded for a double bogey. After triple bogeying the 12th hole, Lee Elder saw his lead fall to a single hole. But he gathered himself and made four pars, which was enough, when  Aaron missed four and eleven foot putts to save par and loose the 14th and 16th holes,  to give Elder a 3 & 2 win.  Lon Hinkle built a four hole lead over Peter Oosterhuis heading into the back nine, stumbled but still managed to put the Englishman away by the 16th for a 4 & 2 victory.  Arnold Palmer struggled to put away a pesky Bob Goalby who won the 12th hole to even up the match. But then Palmer struck together three straight birdies and got up by two holes, holding on to win 2 & 1.  Gene Littler was four under and five holes up on Doug Ford after ten holes, but then gave back to holes. He finally finished Ford off with a birdie on the 16th to win the match 4 & 2. Frank Beard played even par going out and garnered a one hole lead over a struggling Lou Graham.  Graham collapsed going double bogey-bogey-bogey on the 11th, 12th and 13th to give Beard a 4 up lead.  Beard made good on Graham’s mistakes and put him away on the 15th with a birdie to win 5 & 3.  Larry Nelson only won one hole in his match against Harold Henning who won handily 5 & 4.  Art Wall, Jr. made a three hole lead on the front nine hold up, putting away Larry Hinson 3 & 2.  Neither Calvin Peete nor Gary Player were playing well, but Peete held a one hole lead heading into the back nine.  Peete double bogeyed the 11th, then bogeyed the 13th and 14th to fall two holes down with four to play.  But Peete rallied an won the last three holes to edge the South African by a hole, in one of the biggest upsets of the first round.








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