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ASG Blast From The Past Match Play

The beauty of Match Play is that the improbable can happen!  One day, one stroll against “the best” competition in the world, and an opportunity to rise from the ashes and become known for being a “David” as you take “Goliath” down can become reality!  A very small and unpredictable Sample Size; a mere 18 holes to rise to the Mountain Top and look down at the World in Victory!

#2 seed Tom Watson has quite the resume In-Real-Life!  He has won 8 Majors & 31 other PGA Tour Events over an illustrious career!  # 10 seed Bob Goalby won 1 Major (The Masters) and 10 other PGA Tour Events in his career.  But in the ASG Blast From the Past Match Play Tourney, Goalby has eliminated #7 Fuzzy Zoeller, #2 Lee Trevino, and #3 Billy Caspar.  Without getting into specifics about their In-Real-Careers, suffice it say that that trio is a pretty darn good trifecta to send home packing in this Tourney!

So we have the Goliath in #2 Watson against the David in #10 seed Bob Goalby vying to get a chance to play 1 more Round of 36 holes to win the whole thing!  And in this match, David just took down Goliath, as #10 seed Bob Goalby edges #2 seed Tom Watson 1 UP!   Maybe I should put it this way instead … Goalby just “Tamed The Shrew” at TPC Sawgrass!

I say that because Tom Watson never had the lead in this match!  Goalby built a 2 UP lead thru 6 holes until Watson finally “woke up!”  Tom-Tom then won the 7th and 8th holes to SQUARE the match but Goalby came back on 9 to quell Watson’s momentum and regain a 1 UP lead at the turn!  We go to the 10th and Goalby plays it to perfection by sinking a short 7 footer for birdie to take a 2 UP lead over Watson again!

Knowing Watson, you wouldn’t expect him to fold at this point being 2 DOWM with 8 holes to play, and he didn’t!  He wins the 12th hole with a clutch 14 foot putt for birdie and then he wins the long par 4 467 yard 14th hole with a par!  Guess what?  The Match is ALL SQUARE again after 14 holes.  To the 15th tee we go, and Watson, just like in real life makes a crucial error by 3 putting the hole from 43 feet away as Goalby pars it to go 1 UP again with just 3 to play!

I wish I could write something dramatic here about some miracle shot on the last 3 holes but I cannot.  The last 3 holes were all HALVED with par, birdie, par and that gives # 10 seed Bob Goalby his ticket to the FINALS as #2 seed Tom Watson flies back to Kansas!  “Oh Dorothy and Auntie Em, what could have been!”  All my #2 seeds, all my #3 seeds, & all my #4 seeds are KO’d!  And we have another “witches brew” stewing as #5 seed Tony Lema is 1 UP against #1 seed Ben Hogan standing on 17-TEE, the “island green” at TPC Sawgrass.  Stay tuned to see who Goalby will meet in the FINALS!  Ha!  I already know but I have to write it up so keep listening to Eddie Money to pass the time away … It probably won’t be till mid-morning sometime that it gets posted due to time constraints early this morning!

My next Project will probably be a World Team Event with maybe 8 teams.  Just thinking out loud … as I am dreaming this up right now as I type … The New England team would be comprised of Brad Faxon, Billy Andrade, Keegan Bradley, Paul Harney, J.J. Henry etc. etc. OR maybe it would be USA Northeast adding Golfers from PA, NY, NJ, VA, WVA, MD, etc .etc.  Canada may be in it, maybe Ireland, England, Australia, South America, South Africa, Asia, USA South, & USA West … Not sure … Just thinking it may be really fun!  Not even sure on how to set it up right now … We’ll see … But I want to finish this ASG Blast From The Past Tourney & then concentrate on The ASG Shootout & then maybe this idea … OK … Stay Focused Now David …

Congratulations BOB GOALBY!

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