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Pebble Beach World Match Play Championship

You never know what to expect from the “streaky” Lee Westwood and that proved to be the case today as he comes in with his 2010 Season Card & he’s given the #1 seed in the Ben Hogan Division.  He went up against the #16 seed 2011 Mark Wilson & he just hits fairways and greens so often that he could be named Fred Funk Junior.  As Westwood played “military golf” by missing fairways and greens left , right, left, and to the right again, Wilson just stayed the course and defeated him easily 3 & 1.  Forget about who won the holes and what holes they won!  The story of this match was the overall score when the match ended.  Westwood posted a 6 OVER round that mercifully ended on the 17th hole while Wilson was EVEN par for the day.  Game … Set … Match 9 … it’s history!  And actaully it wasn’t all that bad as Lee did birdie 4 holes while Wilson posted 5.  Westwood’s score was inflated with a “quad” on hole 9 as his caddie shouted “Concede … Concede it Lee!”

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